Autoethnography: A Critical View of Roles, Diversity and Assimilation Culture in First-Generation Students

Introduction Upon reflecting where my place in the education system is, I found it is nearly impossible to separate my place in society from this place in education. According to Winship, C., & Mandel, M. (1983)., a person’s role in society classifies their position across social networks as well as being a large component ofContinue reading “Autoethnography: A Critical View of Roles, Diversity and Assimilation Culture in First-Generation Students”

Current Connection 4

This week’s article is titled “ Urban School Reform, Family Support, and Student Achievement” by Kiersten Greene and Jean Anyon. This article does an incredible job of encompassing the true disconnect between Urban Schools and the economic obstacles individuals face. These authors want to shift the focus away from reforms that solely focus on buyingContinue reading “Current Connection 4”

Learning Experience 3

This weeks learning experience was on the reading titled “Native Americans: Deculturalization, Schooling, Globalization and Inequality” by Joel Spring. As seen by the title, the article covered the vast history and injustices that the Native American’s went through at the hands of Europeans. The author, Spring, did a wonderful job of bringing forth the challengingContinue reading “Learning Experience 3”

Atlas Field Observations 1-5

Atlas Case #66: Making Good Decisions When You Are Mad When I read the title on Atlas called “Making Good Decisions When You Are Mad” (Case No. 66), I immediately had the question of what teachers can do in order to help a child with their temperament. It is no surprise that children canContinue reading “Atlas Field Observations 1-5”

Learning Experience 2

This weeks learning experience is based off of the article titled “But That’s Just Good Teaching! The Case For Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.” by Gloria Ladson-Billings. The author, Ladson-Billings makes a case to close the bridge between school and culture and how we can make relevant changes to achieve this. I want to begin by notingContinue reading “Learning Experience 2”

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